“Lost” Steve Jobs interview to run in theaters

Steve JobsApple fan boys and Steve Jobs aficionados will want to set reminders on their iPhones for Wednesday and Thursday, November 16 and 17.

Those are the days when a recently unearthed interview with Jobs is scheduled to be shown at Landmark Theaters in several cities throughout the United States.

“Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview,” as the approximately 70-minute program is being called, consists of a Q&A conducted with Jobs in 1995, after he’d been ousted from the company he’d co-founded (and before he’d pulled off his now legendary iPod, iPhone, and iPad-powered comeback).

The interview was conducted by writer and producer Robert Cringely for his 1996 PBS miniseries “Triumph of the Nerds: The Rise of Accidental Empires,” a look at the advent of the PC and the rise of Silicon Valley.

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Microsoft confirms Xbox Live integration on Windows 8

Microsoft has re-confirmed that the company’s Xbox Live service will be built into the next version of its desktop operating system. There are few details about the integration at this point, but according to a blog post by Microsoft’s Director of Programming for Xbox, Live Larry Hryb (also known as Major Nelson), this week at the BUILD 2011 conference they will be showing how easy it is for developers to integrate the service into Windows 8 applications.

“We are very excited about Xbox LIVE coming to Windows 8.  Xbox LIVE brings your games, music, movies, and TV shows to your favorite Microsoft and Windows devices.  Bringing Xbox LIVE to Windows 8 is part of our vision to bring you all the entertainment you want, shared with the people you care about, made easy,” wrote Hryb.

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Joss Whedon confirms he will direct “Avengers”

Joss Whedon confirmed at Comic-Con on Thursday that he is, indeed, directing “The Avengers.”

“It’s not an official thing, I think because Marvel couldn’t afford a press release,” the “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” creator said during a panel with fellow fanboy favorite J.J. Abrams. “So can we make that an official thing? I’m directing ‘The Avengers.'”

The project is based on a Marvel comic all-star series that brought together Captain America, the Hulk and Iron Man, among others.

“I am still writing an outline. I’m still in that stage,” Whedon said. “I will say the thing I love about it, the thing that made me excited to do it, is how counterintuitive it is. These people shouldn’t be in the same room — and that is the very definition of family.”

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Wonder Woman gets major costume makeover

After 69 years of fighting crime in her trademark red-and-gold bustier and star-studded hip-huggers, Wonder Woman is getting a modern-day makeover.

In the latest issue of the iconic super heroine’s comic book series, which hit stores Wednesday, she is sporting a new, darker, more modern costume that would take away Superman’s super-breath.

“It’s a new contemporary look that matches the storyline of the series,” Dan DiDio, co-Publisher of DC Comics, told the News. “We wanted to reinvigorate a character that has had a [look developed] in the 1940s for the current audience and hopefully attract a new audience.”

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James McAvoy To Star In ‘X-Men: First Class’

The X-Men are coming back, but not the way most know them. Fox is prepping “X-Men: First Class” for a June 3, 2011, release, and the big news is that James McAvoy will star as a young Charles Xavier, better known by his superhero name, Professor X.

The Hollywood Reporter broke the news Thursday, though there’s no word yet whether McAvoy’s younger X will sport the older character’s trademark baldness. Previous “X-Men” movies, which have drawn characters directly from the comics, feature an older Charles Xavier played by Patrick Stewart.

In “X-Men: First Class,” the story rolls the mythology back to a time long before Cyclops, Jean Grey and the rest of the crew lived and learned under the tutelage of Stewart’s Professor X. Next year’s movie will instead focus on the relationship between Charles Xavier and Eric Lensherr, the mutant who one day becomes supervillain and X-Men arch-nemesis Magneto.

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Author files copyright infringement lawsuit against NBC and ‘Heroes’

Jason Barnes, also known as Jazan Wild, has filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against NBC Universal, claiming Heroes had stolen plot details from his own graphic novels. Barnes, the author of three Carnival of Souls books — which follow a “traveling circus of damned souls that moves between this world and the next, between reality and dreams” — claims NBC infringed on his copyright during the fourth season of Heroes. According to the suit, “The first two episodes of Heroes…introduce a traveling carnival virtually identical to that in [Barnes]‘s original, copyrighted works. The settings and the storylines are virtually the same. The main character in both stories leads a carnival of lost souls and outcasts.”

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