Ace Frehley – “Space Invader” – Review

ace-frehley-space-invader-coverWhen Ace Frehley exclaims, “I feel good!” at the beginning of “What Every Girl Wants”, the eighth cut on his new album, Space Invader, it’s not hard to believe him. As he launches into what can only be described as a classic Ace guitar solo on the same track, it’s quite obvious that he’s happy, healthy, and comfortable doing what he was born to do: play guitar.

Space Invader is Ace’s follow-up to 2009’s Anomaly, an album that found him trying out different styles on almost every cut.  Sometimes it worked; sometimes it didn’t.  Here, Ace sticks to the straight ahead rockers similar to the type he’d brought to KISS albums in the 1970s.

The title cut kicks off the album and does so with an admirable confidence.  Proclaiming that that he’s here to “save us from light years away”, the track is immediately recognizable as a Frehley track.  All the trademarks are there:  the melodic solo, the “can’t sing but I’m going to try really hard” vocals, and the in-your-face sound.  However, the song has a contemporary feel to it and it wouldn’t sound out of place on current rock radio.

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