Short Film Pitches New Mortal Kombat

Baraka as a surgeon gone mad? Reptile as a survived harlequin baby with a taste for human flesh? Scorpion as the hero, and Jeri Ryan as Sonya Blade? The answers are all found in a short film that could lead to the next Mortal Kombat film.

According to Jeri Ryan’s Twitter page, the Mortal Kombat short is not a trailer for a movie in the works, but rather one made to sell the director’s vision for Mortal Kombat to Warner Bros. His vision is rated R, and is also kind of awesome. I mean, the ridiculous premise (all the world’s killers compete in a kung-fu tournament) doesn’t lend itself to such a serious treatment, but at least it’s fun and gritty and violent. This looks like a great midnight movie, or the sort of thing you watch on the Syfy channel on a lazy Saturday afternoon.

Check out the rest of the story here…

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