Review: Homefront: The Revolution (Xbox One)

Homefront was one of the most-anticipated games of 2011. The idea of playing what amounted to a videogame version of Red Dawn struck a chord with many gamers. The plot, which centered around a North Korean invasion of the United States, seemed just plausable enough to make the game’s central idea work. Unfortunately, the game’s release in March, 2011 revealed a mediocre first-person shooter with dated mechanics and a very linear playthrough. The game sold well enough, however, that a sequel was announced by publisher, THQ. THQ hit financial troubles later in 2011 and eventually closed in 2012. Deep Silver picked up the rights to the Homefront franchise and, after numerous delays, the sequel, Homefront: The Revolution, was released in May, 2016.

Homefront: The Revolution is actually more of a reboot than a sequel. The original game’s invasion story is replaced with a newer, alternative history scenario. This time around, the North Koreans use a combination of economic pressure and home electronics to sabotage the United States infrastructure and disable the military. The North Koreans (nicknamed the Norks by the resistance fighters in the game) military now occupies the United States, with prison-like structures in the cities.

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