Pac-Man turns 30 and Namco releases Pac-Man Championship Editions to celebrate

Even video-game characters get old.

On Saturday, Pac-Man turns 30, but the dot-hungry gaming icon, credited with making video-arcade thrills popular in the U.S., isn’t letting age slow him down. (Just ask Ms. Pac-Man!)

To celebrate, Pac-Man’s founder, the Japanese video game company Namco, has organized a birthday party in Los Angeles and released Pac-Man Championship Editions for the iPhone and iPad.

Fans in New York City will celebrate as well. Pac-Man fanatic Chris Scott will mark the day by playing a few games at the Chinatown Fair Video Arcade on Mott St. And Jonathan Schnapp, 37, winner of the 2009 Uniqlo Pac-Man Challenge, plans on playing a game or two on the Ms. Pac-Man machine he bought for his West Village apartment.

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