Analyst: Nintendo ‘stole the show’ at E3

Each year, after E3 comes to a close and financial analysts have a chance to sift through all the news from the gaming industry show, those analysts share their opinions on which companies did well and which left something to be desired. This year, a few analysts, speaking to Gamasutra in an interview, contend that it was Nintendo that did the best job of building hype for its products.

“Nintendo 3DS stole the show,” Panoptic Management Consultants analyst Adam H. Kraus told Gamasutra.

His sentiments were echoed by another Panoptic analyst, Asif A. Khan, who told the gaming publication that “if 3DS is a success, [Nintendo] could see huge sales growth.”

Unfortunately for Microsoft, they didn’t have the same feeling about the company’s Kinect motion-gaming platform. Although the analysts believe Kinect is “compelling,” they’re concerned that it won’t have enough viable games “to make it a success.”

On the Sony front, the analysts said that they don’t have much faith in the company’s Move motion-gaming peripheral. The issue, the analysts said, is that consumers might not believe the Move is “a big enough improvement over the Nintendo Wii motion controller to warrant its purchase.”

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