Hulu Plus Subscription Service Streams TV for $9.99 a Month

Hulu launched a preview of a new $9.99-a-month subscription service called Hulu Plus that streams TV content to Web-connected TVs and devices including the iPhone and iPad. The service supports 720p high-definition streaming, and will work across computers, TVs, mobile phones, and tablets.

Users can sign-up for a invitation to the Hulu Plus subscription preview at; the company has not said when to expect the service to go live in wide release, beyond a vague reference to it happening “in the coming months”. If you don’t get an invite, you can still try the service out using a limited number of free episodes and clips.

The appeal of Hulu, of course, is its wide selection of television content from major television production studios, broadcasters, and independent content creators. After more than two years on the Web, Hulu has grown its library and its usability dramatically since we first reviewed the site in a quest to find The Best TV on the Web. Now, Hulu aggregates content from 100 providers, including networks ABC, FOX, and NBC. The service is jointly owned by NBC Universal and The Walt Disney Company, among others.

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