Half of Netflix users connect via game consoles

It’s no secret that Web video is increasingly popular, but what are people watching, and how? Nielsen recently examined two of the more popular video-watching sites, Hulu and Netflix, and discovered a big difference in how and what its users were consuming.

When it comes to Netflix, many subscribers are taking advantage of the various Web-enabled devices that connect to the sevice. While 42 percent watch on their computer, others are connecting through the TV, especially via game consoles. Of the 12,000 people polled by Nielsen, 25 percent connected via the Nintendo Wii, 13 percent opted for the PlayStation 3, and 12 percent streamed through the Xbox. About 14 percent connect their computer to the TV.

About 11 percent had an Internet-connected Blu-ray player, while 6 percent had a Web-enabled TV. Fewer people opted for other connections, like the Roku Box (5 percent), a mobile phone (3 percent), the iPad (2 percent), Google TV (1 percent), and Apple TV (1 percent).

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