Next (2007) Review

Based on Philip K. Dick’s story, “The Golden Man”, Next follows Cris Johnson (Nicolas Cage), a man who was born with the ability to see two minutes into the future. The catch is that he can only see two minutes into his own future. He can’t tell what will happen to someone one else or see future events unless he’s personally involved with them in some way. Cris doesn’t like the attention his ability garners and makes his living as a small time lounge act in Las Vegas doing parlor tricks for bored tourists.

When Cris begins seeing visions of a woman named Liz Cooper (Jessica Biel) in his future, he’s confused. She is appearing to him much farther out than two minutes. He continues to try to pinpoint when she is appearing so he can meet her and find out why she is the only exception to the “two minute rule”. His quest to meet the girl of his visions becomes even more important after he foils a robbery at a casino.

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