Analyst: Nintendo ‘stole the show’ at E3

Each year, after E3 comes to a close and financial analysts have a chance to sift through all the news from the gaming industry show, those analysts share their opinions on which companies did well and which left something to be desired. This year, a few analysts, speaking to Gamasutra in an interview, contend that it was Nintendo that did the best job of building hype for its products.

“Nintendo 3DS stole the show,” Panoptic Management Consultants analyst Adam H. Kraus told Gamasutra.

His sentiments were echoed by another Panoptic analyst, Asif A. Khan, who told the gaming publication that “if 3DS is a success, [Nintendo] could see huge sales growth.”

Unfortunately for Microsoft, they didn’t have the same feeling about the company’s Kinect motion-gaming platform. Although the analysts believe Kinect is “compelling,” they’re concerned that it won’t have enough viable games “to make it a success.”

On the Sony front, the analysts said that they don’t have much faith in the company’s Move motion-gaming peripheral. The issue, the analysts said, is that consumers might not believe the Move is “a big enough improvement over the Nintendo Wii motion controller to warrant its purchase.”

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After a week of video games, a look at E3’s winners and losers

The Sony PlayStation and Microsoft’s Xbox made moves on Nintendo’s Wii at the Electronic Entertainment Expo — the three days each year when all eyes are on the video-gaming world.

With new systems that let players control games with their own movements, the industry’s “big three” now find themselves locked in a battle for dominance in what was once a single-player arena.

Video games, of course, are a world ruled by high scores — preferably ones that come after destroying your opponent with a dramatic finishing move.

So, did anyone strike a killing blow at E3?

Most analysts are saying it’s too early to tell.

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No PS3 price cut, Wii HD, Hulu on Xbox: The quashed E3 rumors

The $200 PS3, the ability to watch Hulu on Xbox 360, and yet another addition to the PSP library are all ideas that are now officially shelved to the pile of unsubstantiated E3 rumors.

Just a few days before E3 began, eagle-eyed Web viewers noticed something strange at Sony’s official online store: there was a graphic that included the caption “PS3: Starting at $199.99.” It turns out that was just an honest-to-goodness typo. Tsk tsk to the guy that designed that page on

Gear Live said it heard from a “very reliable source (who has never been wrong before)” that Microsoft was going to announce an official partnership with Hulu to bring the TV-streaming service to the console. However, in the weeks that followed, more substantiated news came that Hulu was busier working on its own premium service that may at some point come to video game consoles. Alas, no Hulu announcements from Microsoft this week… Looks like that source lost its perfect track record.

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Project Natal becomes Kinect at E3 media circus

Microsoft has officially launched its controller-free motion sensing device. Previously known as Project Natal, it now has a proper name: Kinect.

The device, for the Xbox 360, has a camera, audio sensors and motion sensors that track the movements of 48 key body parts (not that one, not yet). It can recognize faces and voices.

Kinect can perform full-motion tracking of the human body at 30 frames per second, and isn’t affected by what a user is wearing or what type of furniture is around.

“Some people don’t like controllers,” said Mike Delman, corporate vice president of global marketing for interactive entertainment.

“And Kinect makes the gaming and entertainment experience more organic and free-flowing, without any of the barriers that can sometimes keep people from participating.”

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